Documents related to government notifications, orders, reports, guidelines and more appear here. Documents are uploaded here in PDF format and option is available to download them.

Title Date Download/Link
Auction of seized vehicles 26/09/2018 Download(2 MB)
Bhumi Dakhal-Dehani & Basera Abhiyan-August-2018 15/09/2018 Download(530 KB)
Drug Control Ltr.-432-120918 12/09/2018 Download(145 KB)
Drug Control Ltr.-431-120918 12/09/2018 Download(135 KB)
Drug Control Ltr.-430-120918 12/09/2018 Download(141 KB)
Drug Control Ltr.-429-120918 12/09/2018 Download(144 KB)
Drug Control Ltr.-428-120918 12/09/2018 Download(139 KB)
Drug Control Ltr.-427-120918 12/09/2018 Download(139 KB)
Drug Control Ltr.-426-120918 12/09/2018 Download(137 KB)
Drug Control Ltr.-425-120918 12/09/2018 Download(140 KB)